Adhithyan Institute of paramedical Science


B.VOC Medical Lab Technology (MLT)

We are offered B.VOC medical lab technology for students.

Eligibility Qualification : 12th or equivalent in science stream

Duration:3 years

A graduate of B. Voc, in MLT is an all- rounder as far as technologies in a medical laboratory is concerned. The course envisages tobuild in an overall expertise in the students, of performing medical laboratory tests and special tests. These students would be capable of performing a range of tests such as those related to phlebotomy, clinical biochemistry, Heamatology, serology, Cytogenetics,etc. Besides, skill related to lab management and ethics, biomedical waste disposal, personality development, effective communication skills, etc. would also be developed in them.

The need for such professionals has been expressed by not only the healthcare industry employers, but also only the consumer of this industry, i, e, patients. The course creates the grounds for enhancing vertical growth opportunities for the Medical Laboratory Technician graduate.

We provide  the benefits of those course is that they help ensure the learners have adequate skills, make them work- ready and enhance the employability of the graduate students. A unique feature of the curriculum is the blend of vocational and business management concepts.   It is a specialized undergraduate training course in the   health industry. It can be pursued by students who have passed their 12th standard. The course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform various clinical tests on patient clinical specimens. The result of these tests will help physician to diagnose and treat patients. A B.VOC in medical lab technology is educational program for aspiring medical lab technicians. After finishing this course, you can perform routine medical tests and special test as required by employer.

Students who earn a B.VOC in MLT become all around experts in medical lab technology.